Situational Leadership

I completed Computer Based Training – “Situational Leadership II” developed by the Ninth House.  I was amazed with the technique used to give lessons; it kept me involved till the end and I did not feel disconnected or bored.  It is kind of movie that you watch and your decisions dictate the way story develops.  Decision taken can result in getting job done or getting you fired.  This training is based on Ken Blanchard’s leadership model and teaches how to increase team productive with proper leadership style by providing right amount of direction, support, or coaching.

  • According to the Situational Leadership II model, there are 4 leadership styles namely
    • S1=Directing; leader defines the roles/tasks and supervises closely; leader makes the decision; one way communication
    • S2=Coaching; leader involves follower in action planning, promotes independent thinking; seeks suggestions; leader still makes final decision; two way communication
    • S3=Supporting;  leader listens, encourages to take lead, facilitates, participate in decision making but follower makes the decision
    • S4=Delegating; leader allows goal setting, planning, decision making; rewards follower for good performance; leader’s involvement is dependent of follower
  •  Similarly there are 4 levels of followers namely
    • D1=Enthusiastic Beginner; Follower is enthusiastic beginner and have low competence but very high commitment to the task.  This development level person requires leadership style of Directing (S1).
    • D2=Disillusioned Learner; Follower is disillusioned learner with limited competence and low commitment to the task.  Coaching (S2) is the proper style of leadership for this level.
    • D3=Capable but Cautious Contributor; Follower is capable of performing task but is bit cautious with varying degree of commitment toward task.  Leadership style best for this development level is Supporting (S3).
    • D4=Self-Reliant Achiever; Follower is self-reliant achiever with high competence and high commitment to the task.  Follower in this level should be led with leadership style Delegating (S4).

Here is the summary of applying this model in your workplace-


S3 = Supporting
D3 = Capable but Cautious Contributor 
S2 = Coaching
D2 = Disillusioned Learner 
S4 = Delegating
D4 = Self-Reliant Achiever 
S1 = Directing
D1 = Enthusiastic Beginner 

I believe this information will certainly help you in leading your teams.  Have a wonderful day.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I had a read on this as well, while I was reading this One-minute Self-management.
    In a nutshelf, i am facing some similar problems in my job. well, i can say theory and reality is quite different, and this can only apply at certain situations. what they have not considered is the other factors e.g. cultural factors, organization culture which may impact these decisions making as well.
    Cheers, Garfielle

  2. Thanks Virik

    I have just been reading about the theory of Competing Values. It’s a theory that there are basically 4 types of organisational cultures. These would be the landscapes your managers operate in. Google it and read up and let me know what you think.

    Better Projects

  3. Excellent post. I would highly recomend this to many leaders I have had the misfortune to work with.

  4. Wonderful read. appreciate your writing style


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