Learning from 2011 ( #3lessons )

When reflecting on 2011, as most of us do each year, I find the year very successful and I find myself fortunate enought to have made significant improvements in personal and professional lives. It made me interested what others are thinking.  Twitter was good source and here is compilation of 3 lessons hash tag on twitter. I have tried my best to provide credit to all contributors as I noted in tweets.

  • @CJamesCatStrat
    • trust your heart then head;
    • know you can change the world;
    • connect with depth and meaning.
  • @nowaffle
    • make a difference;
    • lover yourself;
    • respect others.
  • @mariemilligan
    • open-hearted risk taking;
    • belief & action in greater good;
    • laugh & love like its your last day on earth.
  • @kevindaugh_herty
    • don’t take anyone for granted;
    • enjoy the moment;
    • have a great haircut.
  • @umairh
    • ignore the haters;
    • listen to what matters;
    • create the future.
  • @ohheygreat
    • be okay saying “I don’t know, can you teach me?”;
    • to what scares you and learn from it;
    • love like crazy.
  • @letuboy
    • go big;
    • embrace failure;
    • be better.
  • @mosharrafzaidi
    • put yourself in others’ shoes;
    • give everyone more than once chance;
    • avoid unproductive negative energy.
  • @kulveervirk
    • add value to whatever you do;
    • life if good if you work for greater good;
    • quality of questions determines what you get as an answer.

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