Leadership Secrets

Leaders are not only people with heavy-weight designations like CEO, CIO, Vice President or say Senators, Member of Parliament, or something with power and authority. 

We all are leading in some shape or form and making things happen by our leadership.  Some people with their role and authority can have big impact and can lead a big group, or company or a nation, while on a small scale,  for example a team of 4 people, or at very minimum an individual leading himself while working on a task, also help the bottom line of an organization or society by contributing at a small level; collectively these small contributions change the whole picture. 

When we lead, a sense of ownership, a sense of responsibility and a sense of delivering value comes into our life and it does not matter how many people we lead, we try to go the extra mile.  Every task or assignment we lead gives us valuable lesson.  Building upon our interactions with people and accumulated wisdom through our actions and challeges, a refined leader is born with proven strategies, right attitude, excellent people skills and positive energy to take organization to the top.

Here is some key secrets that I have gathered from books I have read –

  • Distinct or Extinct.  – Tom Peters
  • Leadership is the art of human relations. – Hurley Calister Turner, Jr.
  • Surround yourself with good people who balance out your weaknesses with their strengths. – Dr. Thomas Frish, Jr.
  • Make new contacts and continue to cultivate the old. – Patty Dedominic
  • Simplify until it fits on one page. – Lloyd Waterhouse
  • Start the day with a smile. – Higinio Sanchez
  • Lead people the way they want to be led. – Stephanie Sonnabend
  • Be visible. – Audrey Oswell
  • Work for those who work for you. – Kent Kresa
  • Don’t outsource your strategic thinking. – Sy Sternberg
  • Maintain a high level of integrity. – Howard R Conant
  • Open, informal communication fosters teamwork and success. – Michael Fleisher

Have a wonderful day!

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