Month: May 2007

Whiteboard as TTD list

Using whiteboard is very productive in a team-room setting.  We all use it to explain things and concepts, during brainstorming sessions, etc.  But I have used it in “Things to Do*” list format a lot. Its a big whiteboard and sits… Read More ›

Quotes for Sunday :-)

I check once in a while, and I like to listen to him (audio CDs), never had a chance to attend his seminar.  He speaks very passionately and he charges me up and gives  new perspective to do things that… Read More ›

Positive Thinking..

I spent some time over the last few months  reading book and listening to audio CDs on positive thinking (attitude).  The one was “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Vincent Peele.  I liked so many things described there.  I have tried… Read More ›