Positive Thinking..

I spent some time over the last few months  reading book and listening to audio CDs on positive thinking (attitude).  The one was “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Vincent Peele.  I liked so many things described there.  I have tried to implemented it in my life and work.

By thinking positively, things are more interesting and joyful for me.  Energy level remains high.  Some incidents or issue may trigger negative thought, may be I naturally monitor my thoughts, I am able to swith it to positive side or give it a positive spin.

It does not mean that when doing a project plan, just think positive and think that only good things will happen or Murphy’s Law won’t apply.  I have found that positive attitude or thought process created very conducive environment, if things could go right, they will go right.  If something is not going right, I know it is leading me to discover something that will fit in the whole picture and delivered product is up to the mark.

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  1. Nothing empowers us more than positive thinking. Thinking positively may easily mean the difference between accomplishing something significant or not. Great post!

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