Whiteboard as TTD list

Using whiteboard is very productive in a team-room setting.  We all use it to explain things and concepts, during brainstorming sessions, etc.  But I have used it in “Things to Do*” list format a lot. Its a big whiteboard and sits at a central location where all team members can see/read it.

It may sound like putting people on the spot, but when it comes down to a critical launch or assignment, I usually write the important items or steps involved that we need to complete that day (or during that week) and put the name of the assigned resource against the assigned task; along-with my name and my tasks.  It works far better than giving each team member a list of task assigned on piece of paper as it remains in sight all the time.

This gives opportunity to other team members to know what others are working on and how the work is progressing. When someone stands up and changes the status of the fork from wip (work in progress) to completed or changes from wip to waiting, whole team is constantly updated with what is happening and where to focus our attention.

You can use it for writing meeting agenda prior to meeting with allocated time for each topic of discussion.  It keeps the participants aware what to be accomplished.  On other days, some motivating quote or important reminder goes there.  We just treat this big whiteboard as it is things to do on refrigerator.  Sometime a funny sketch goes very well to lighten-up the team mood.  My team members enjoy it.  Any thoughts?

Thanks and have a great time.

*TTD – Things To Do

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