How To Make PowerPoint Presentations Powerful.. Part 3

How To Prepare?

 Prepare your presentation based on self-evaluation questions in part 1.  You need to spend time according to the ‘worth’ of your presentation.  More planning and preparation are required if stakes are high.

  1. Brain-storm: Like any task, you need to brain-storm about the presentation. Write down the idea / topic of your presentation. Use any mind mapping tool.
  2. Weave a story: A story around topic supported by case study or testimonial or any relevant post on the Internet is very engaging to audience. Your objective is to grab and keep the attention while presenting.
  3. Research: Comprehensive study of the subject is needed and also do research over the Internet.  If it is a tool or application you are presenting about, make sure to use it yourself and learn basics.
  4. Question: Come up with your own questions about each slide that attendee may ask; or what question does your slide raise.  Ask questions from subject matter experts (use Internet forums, Twitter, or LinkedIn).
  5. Facts: Find out how would you support the idea or story you are going to tell the audience – find facts/figures/graphs to support your claims.

Putting Slides Together

  1. Flow: Develop a logical flow of your topic so that it becomes seamless from beginning to end.
  2. Less is More: Question yourself why you want this particular slide; can you do without it; if not then how would it benefit the audience.
  3. Simplicity is the Key: Simple slides with white background and big black fonts work in most cases; even when room is well lit.
  4. Make is Readable: Use reasonably big fonts so that person from back of the room can also see. Use different color fonts to emphasize keywords, facts and figures. Use bulleted list where possible; 5 bullets per page should serve the purpose. Spell out acronyms, sources of information on the slide.  If slide contains too much – create another slide.
  5. Peer Review: Review the draft presentation with available group of people, including your Boss, peers, and other concerned people.

How To Improve Your Presentation

  1. FAQ: Compile a Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) slide.  Use feedback comments at strategic places in the presentation. Use photos of the person who provided feedback or commented – it wakes audience up.
  2. Engage: Put some multiple choice questions / options around the topic in the slide deck to keep audience brain engaged.
  3. Bullets: Use numbered bullet points where possible or use laser pointer to point out which bullet point is being discussed.
  4. Paint the Picture: Associate your product, service, or topic with something big or unique.
  5. Present: Do not read the slides to audience rather present to them. Slides are to reference and show key points.
  6. Practice: Rehearse the presentation and check (that it works) the tools and technology you will use during presentation. Record and watch your rehearsal practice for improvement.  If someone will be helping you in changing the slides, involve that person in rehearsal – if possible.

Hope you found some good points to implement in your PowerPoint presentations.  What is your experience?  Lets share.

Thank you for your visit and have a great day.

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2 replies

  1. All seems very helpful. the background is white and black fonts are very bright to see and i was suggested by audience that i should put black background with white fonts. is it ok?

  2. Jyoti, Try it first and see which way it works well with you. White with black fonts is economical to print if you need to hand out.

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