Know what to emphasize

PM Tips – 1

What points we emphasize make a big difference in our communications. 

How do we do that? We got to know the expectation of the audience and what we want to convey.  Over emphasizing something or emphasizing meager issues may dilute the effect of conversation. We develop this skill with experience, paying attention to the audience and listening how others do it.

Certainly there are key things that you want to emphasize.  Make sure what you want to emphasize is really relevant and audience has some clue about what you are talking.

Notice how you emphasize? Do you find yourself keep repeating what you want to communicate in different phrases or you cleverly divert every topic discussed and then associate to what you have in mind? 

Observe if you are getting your point across.  Use some relevant example to explain your point.  Do not give frustrated look. You may have to do more work to refine your point.

Thank you for reading. Any suggestions or feedback?

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  1. The best advice I can give PM’s is to look in to the vast range of PM software available out there. There are some really good ones, with lots of free trials. You should expereiment with these, and find your nook. At least this was the advice I was given by an ex work colleague. PM software can work wonders in projects, right now I am trialling Project123 and I have to say I am impressed. I was also told to try out and base camp, which I intend to right after project123. The list of PM software I came across goes on, but the three mentioned here are the biggest players in the game.


  2. Apart from addressing ‘What to emphasize’, an important aspect is ‘how to emphasize’. If we do not emphasize in a proper manner, then the message is lost in the team. Typical ways that I use to emphasize are:
    – Calling a meeting to discuss about only one specific point that I want to emphasize
    – sending email’s to team highlighting only on the single point that I want to emphasize

    It is important that you do not mix other points/issues in the above communication. Another important aspect is that the whole team should be in the communication loop.

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