Cheese Moved? Doesn’t Matter.

We, as a professional, are hired by organizations to deliver results and perform. As time passes, our daily job becomes our universe.  We spend our energies resolving problems, improving processes, saving money and many other good things.  Sometimes we are ignorant and sometimes we are so busy handling all the situations at the job, we do not realize that whole world has changed and we are still there.  We find that new technologies, processes, ideologies, concepts and trends have taken over what we used to do.  And when we realize, then blame our employer for not guiding us, showing us the right path, etc.  Remember, we are professionals and professionals know all about their field of expertise.

 When I see clueless people in the situations when their cheese (i.e. work) is moved (or gone), I tell them to stop complaining but learn the lesson from it and take action. 

Here are 11 points I tell (and remind) people to avoid becoming obsolete

  1. Subscribe to professional/trade  magazines and journals and read ( or go to library, but stay up-to-date on what is happening).
  2. Bookmark and frequently checkout websites dealing with news & views related to your field of expertise.
  3. Read some good books on the subject.  Check’s ratings and views before buying. 
  4. Become member & get involved in professional organizations in your chosen field.
  5. Volunteer your time & services in your chosen field or for any good cause.
  6. Mentor and guide other people, help people grow, offer help selflessly.
  7. Attend seminars or conferences; it does not matter if you got to spend few hundreds from your own pocket and on yourself.
  8. Read some good self-help books on personal development and personal finance.
  9. Grow your network, if good people can not find you; you go out and find for your networking.  Interaction is the key.
  10. Always keep learning new things in your chosen field, and
  11. Change with time.

You will find out many successful people are already doing these above mentioned things to grow their professional network and knowledge base. 

I am certainly interested in what you got to say on this subject.  Everyone has unique experience and lets share our thoughts and learn from each other.

 Thank you for visiting and reading the post.  I appreciate it.  Have a good time.

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4 replies

  1. You make some good points so that employees can excel in the 21st century. As Joy Fisher-Sykes always says, “It’s alright not to know something, it’s not alright to stay there.” Employees must take responsibility for their knowledge so that they succeed in the future.


  2. Hi Virik

    Great advice, but really only applicable to the highly motivated few. What happens to the many? Does the employing organisation have any responsibility for helping them transitio to the new world?


  3. Hi Virk,

    This is an important topic to me. The following is one of my favorite quotes:

    “In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.” Eric Hoffer

    Your 11 points provide excellent practical advice on how people can become “learners” if they will apply themselves. It is during the good times that we need to be learning and improving, then when tough times come (such as losing one’s job) we are prepared to move forward.

    In reference to Craig’s comment, I believe the employing organization does share responsibility for providing opportunities for its employees. If you’re working for a company or organization that does not, you’re probably in the wrong place. However, it’s ultimately the individual’s responsibility to do the things that will keep him or her from becoming obsolete, not the company’s.

    Thank you for your post!

  4. Kulveer –

    Thanks for these valuable eleven points. I agree that individual should change with time, and he/she is overall responsible for their own success, and should not always depend on employer for providing training, investment in self recommended for sucessful career.

    Thanks for the posting,

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