Who is Planning Your Career?

I am satisfied with my career and I know where I am going.  I hope that you are also doing the right things for your career growth.  In case, if you are doing the same job for last 10 years and now frustrated that your boss (or human resources department) is not doing enough for you to get to next level; you need to do serious thinking where are you stuck.  Why you are not getting the next role?

Very first thing is to know where you are going in terms of career.  Do you have any specific position or a career track in mind?  I know you are doing excellent job year after year and then expecting some else will realize your contribution to your big corporation and will promote you; it can happen but it’s very rare thing.  You got to prove that you are the right kind of material for next role.  Here are some key points I would like to share with my net community –

  • Write down your goal and role that you want, have some time-line associated with it. Review it often.
  • Study other people  what qualities and qualifications they have in that role you are interested in.
  • Get hands-on experience for that role, offer to help or do some volunteer work.
  • Do the things that will get you noticed in your organization such as leading any group, publishing article, organizing events, etc.
  • Associate with people who have positive attitude towards work and people, networking helps a lot.
  • Help other people learn your skills, share your tips and tricks, develop people, be a team player.
  • Help your boss succeed in his job; just don’t do things only for credit and praise.
  • Dress and behave like people you want to become one day.
  • Find a mentor who can guide you.  Follow his or her advice.
  • Discuss your goal and how are you preparing yourself with your boss, HR representative, peers and other experts.  PR is needed.
  • Read books related to your career and stay up-to-date.
  • Keep sense of humor and positive attitude.
  • Ask for it!

You are the sole planner of your career path.  If you do not know what you want to do and when, who else will know? 

Please share your ideas/tips-tricks so that we learn from each other; and have a wonderful day!

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