Positive interpretation of other people’s actions

It is very simple thing to do and results are excellent and enriching.  Often we interpret other people’s actions or behavior negatively when we do not have enough detail about their actions or behavior.  My approach is to give benefit of doubt in such case and interpret the action positively instead of taking it otherwise.  It saves a lot of energy, calms the mind and also saves lots of ‘brain CPU cycles’. Leaders and managers cannot afford to spend time and energy on negative things, they always think positive and bring positive changes to the organizations and in the lives of people around them.

Getting upset or agitated on meager things is another common problem that draws positive energy from our body.  Someone gave me an example long ago that if a small stone chip is dropped in a full cup of tea, effect is just like tsunami – tea spills out and everything in cup of tea is disturbed.  While the same stone chip, if dropped in ocean (or lake) does not have that kind of effect; it absorbs the small stone chip with minor ripple effect.  Leaders should be like ocean (or lake or any large water body) that does not get disturbed with small stone chip dropped.  In this analogy, small stone chip is meager things people usually say and do without many considerations and we draw negative conclusions.

Think positive and have a nice week ahead!

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