10 Steps of Project Success

Whenever IT project failure is talked, people refer Denver Airport project that failed big time and costed a lot.  I have also seen project that failed or cancelled or shrunk.  Why is it happening when so many intelligent people are working and we know all the ingredients of project success. 

Here are some commonly known factors needed for project success –

  1. Executive management support and leadership
  2. Timely user community involvement and input
  3. Well defined project goals and requirements
  4. Realistic expectations and deadlines
  5. Proper planning and right methodology
  6. Open and clear communications/directions
  7. Motivated team with sense of ownership
  8. Watchout for signs of failure – conflict/politics/cover-up
  9. Positive attitude – every day and towards everyone
  10. Correct estimates (beaware of inflated estimates)

As any project  manager (PM) knows success is dependent on controlling three constraints – Time, Scope, and Cost.  Any mismanage of these three constraints results in project failure.  Above mentioned 9 points can have direct impact on the three constraints namely time, scope and cost.

What else is important and needed to make sure project is success.  Your thoughts are welcome.

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3 replies

  1. Hi
    Coud you share your source for this ist, or is it from your own experience?


  2. Actually it is condenesed list coming from my various ‘lessons learned’ meetings plus my PMP training.
    Its not that I invented the list on my research. I changed tone from ‘reasons from failure’ to ‘steps of success’.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions or corrections. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

  3. No issues. It all makes sense. Of course you don’t always get to be in control of those things, so it’s a good primer for an early risk assessment.

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