Importance of TimeOut

We have seen in various sports when a play or a pass is not developing the way expected or falling out of bound, timeout is called.  After timeout, team regroups and turns the outcome for that instance or break the momentum of the opponent team going for score. It give opportunity to re-focus, re-think and re-group.

During brain-storming sessions, group meetings or team discussions, there are moments when agenda seems to fall apart and looks like its going out of control.  It is the moment to call for timeout.  It breaks the cycle of  discussion that is going astray. 

Timeout must be used with caution as sometimes unnecessary timeout can interrupt positive discusions or derail creative thoughts.  It is primarily good when discussions become heated, or many side discussions start to happen in meeting, or people get stuck and do not see any outcome, or frustration level seems high.  Try it and let me know your experience. 

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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