The Art of Getting Work Done!

When managing a project, it comes down to managing work and leading people; and everyone is different; we cannot apply a single rule to get the work done.

Enthusiasm of doing the work depends greatly on the type of job or assignment or things involved.  It does not mean that in I.T. all the team members work on designing leading edge product, someone has to do the regular work of running operations, being on call if problem arises or other code maintenance work. 

When selecting team, it is very important to clearly define the role, job description and the fine print (such as being on call for support etc.).  Team member who shows ‘can do’ attitude and is willing to learn new things (if come across) is a good candidate.  Now the managing begins – getting things done through others.

  •  Explain the work to be done and scope clearly through written note; no ambiguity here
  •  What is expected outcome of work and what is the deadline; no deadline – nothing gets done
  • Get the estimate from the person who will do the work as well – able to meet deadline or find other resource
  •  Set the milestones; do not keep checking about the status so often – let the person work
  •  Once work is assigned, trust the person; if you are getting impatient then casually offer for any help but do not start grilling about progress
  •  Communicate positively during milestone (check point review) meeting; if you are concerned, express in a manner that is constructive feedback; do not de-motivate
  •  If things are not going well and there are concerns; offer to help or ask for suggestion how to improve; keep up morale
  •  Find positive in the work and praise it.  Give credit for good work.
  •  Never forget lessons learned after a project (it can be one-on-one) and gives you chance to express all the concerns and feedback.
  • Dale Carnegie said – “When dealing with people remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion.”
  • Help people learn and develop; let them learn from their mistakes – you are there to guide.  Honest mistakes are not to be punished.  As says – “punish mediocre success – reward excellent failures.”

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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